Good Reads, etc. (Sept 1st – 15th)

Below is a random collection of articles, videos, links, podcasts or whatever  I thought was interesting from the first couple weeks of September.  I tried to give credit to whoever originally shared, but was unable to remember some. Articles Craft Beer is Going Flat [Harding Loevner]  h/t @BluegrassCap          As Amazon Pushes … Continue reading Good Reads, etc. (Sept 1st – 15th)


Valuing Berkshire with Help From Tom Gayner

I recently came across a post by Greg Speicher from 2011 that described Tom Gayner's method for valuing Berkshire Hathaway.  The post referenced a 2011 Value Investor Insight interview in which Gayner discusses his valuation method for Berkshire.  It's really a great interview with a ton of insight from Gayner. Anyway, Greg did a great job summing up … Continue reading Valuing Berkshire with Help From Tom Gayner

Todd and Ted Portfolio Update (9.30.15)

I updated the T&T portfolio as of Q3.  Let me know if anything is missing or should be added. Todd & Ted Combined Portfolio (updated as of 9.30.15) Stock Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio DVA 38,565,570 $2,789,448,000 14.97% T 59,320,756 $1,932,670,000 10.37% CHTR 10,281,603 $1,808,020,000 9.70% GM 50,000,000 $1,501,000,000 8.05% DE 17,052,110 $1,261,857,000 6.77% … Continue reading Todd and Ted Portfolio Update (9.30.15)