Good Reads, etc.

Below is a random collection of articles, videos, links, podcasts or whatever  I thought was interesting from the last couple of weeks.


Some evolving thoughts on research [Yet Another Value Blog] h/t @AndrewRangeley


The History of Sears Predicts Nearly Everything Amazon Is Doing [The Atlantic] 

How we built the first real self-driving car (really) [Medium] h/t @CapWestEquities

Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For  [Bloomberg] h/t @txlaw_v2

Amazon Puts Whole Foods on Fast Track to Conventional Supermarket [WSJ] 

A critical reappraisal of “Margin of Safety”  [Young Money Blog] h/t @YungMoneyBlog

Whole Foods Shows What Economists Don’t Know [Bloomberg View] h/t @oddvestor

Should You Buy a Cheap Stock That’s at the Very Edge of Your Circle of Competence? [Gurufocus] h/t @GeoffGannon

How Warren Buffett Squeezes So Much Value Out of So Few Stock Ideas [Gurufocus] h/t @GeoffGannon

Buy What You Know, Study What You Don’t [Gurufocus] h/t @GeoffGannon

THE BUBBLE INVESTORS LEAST EXPECT [Intrinsic Investing] h/t @intrinsicinv

Clean Energy Is Approaching a Tipping Point  [Bloomberg] 


A New Framework For Valuing Cable Companies [New Street Research] h/t @Find_Me_Value

10-K NAVIGATION GUIDE: A Primer on Reading Annual Reports  [Wolfe Trahan] h/t @valueterminal

Buffett’s Email Correspondence with Jeff Raikes  [Tilson Funds] h/t @YoloCapMgmt


John Oliver on Corporate Consolidation (15:10) [Last Week Tonight]

Weatlhtrack w/ Chris Davis & Danton Goei: Valuable Growth (26:46) [Wealthtrack] h/t @BluegrassCap


Super Investors Episode 11 w/ Dale Wettlaufer (58:02)  [Super Investors]  @ValueTrap13

Hash Power – Ep. 1 – Understanding Blockchains (1:09:45)  [Invest Like the Best] @patrick_oshag 

Live Episode! Starbucks: Howard Schultz (49:18)  [How I Built This] 


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