Great Investors


Buffett Partnership Letters 1957 to 1970

Dr. George Athanassakos and Ivey MBA and HBA students with Mr. Warren Buffett- 2015 Interview

Dr. George Athanassakos and Ivey MBA and HBA students had with Mr. Warren Buffett- 2014 Interview

Dempster Mill Case Study

Buffett Letter to GEICO Management- 1976

How inflation swindles the equity investor- 1977

The Temptation of St. Warren- Michael Lewis

Warren Buffett’s Meeting with University of Maryland MBA Students – 2013

The Warren Buffett Way:Investing From a Business Perspective

Charlie Munger

The Art of Stock Picking

Wesco Shareholder Letters

An Evening with Charlie Munger- Pabrai

A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Management & Business

Ben Graham

Securities in an Insecure World- Ben Graham Speech

Ben Graham Interview

Value Investing: A Look at the Benjamin Graham Approach

An Hour with Ben Graham

Graham-Newman Partnership Letters 1946-1958

Walter Schloss

Schloss Response to Ellis on Buybacks

Factors Needed to Making Money in the Stock Market

Making Money Out of Junk

Stock Screening With Walter Schloss

65 Years on Wall Street

Seth Klarman

Why Value Investors Are Different

The Value of Seth Klarman

The 2008 Collapse and It’s Aftermath: A Financial Market Perspective

Outstanding Investor Digest Klarman Interview- 2009

Tom Gayner

Motley Fool Interview with Tom Gayner- 2014

Gurufocus Interview with Tom Gayner- 2012

Value Investor Insight interview with Tom Gayner- 2011

Markel Brunch 2013

Chuck Akre

An Investor’s Odyssey: The Search for Outstanding Investments- 2011 VIC Conference

Value Investor Insight interview with Chuck Akre- 2011

The Motley Fool Chuck Akre interview

Gurufocus Interview with Chuck Akre

John Malone

The Malone Complex- Denali Investors, H. Kevin Byun

Wired Malone Interview- 1994

Peter Lynch

The Peter Lynch Approach to Investing in “Understandable” Stocks

Lou Simpson

Geico’s Top Market Strategist Churning Out Profits; Lou Simpson’s Stock Rises on His Successful Ideas- 1987